We produce electrical protection equipment for personal protection. We use new technologies and synthetic raw materials to increase electrical insulation and mechanical qualities, improving comfort and safety for workers exposed to low and high voltage.

Certification Standards


ABNT NBR 10622 /16295 (Brazil)

IEC 60984:2014 (Europe)

ASTM D 1051 – 02 (USA)

Certified by INMETRO / ABNT



Quality of our products:

NR-free, hipoallergenic

Environmental friendly, water based production process

low energy consumption in the production

More resistent and durable in usage because of:

Higher electrical insulation qualities than known,

surpassing mechanical standards by far

Lower Shore A values: softer and higher comfort


Today we comercialize two classes of gloves. All our products are 100% tested and serve the classes:

Class 00;  operating voltage:   AC 500V     /   DC 750 V

Class   0;  operating voltage:   AC 1.000V / DC 1.500 V